The Chinese made a parody of the Hummer EV


Kandi America is bringing an electric pickup truck to the US market, which cannot be driven on the road. Quite a large truck has a power of 57 hp. and a top speed of 105 km / h.

A new brand from the Middle Kingdom has been present in America for a little over a year, trying to sell small city electric cars of a peculiar design, but has not yet had much success. Therefore, the Chinese decided to test a new segment for themselves: the Kandi Offroad EV K32 pickup truck with a length of almost 5.5 meters, a width of 1.9 meters and a height of more than two meters officially belongs to the category of agricultural machinery and is not allowed on public roads. Obviously, this allows the manufacturer to neglect some safety standards and requirements — although there are seat belts and airbags. In general, the car is well equipped: a ten-inch multimedia display, a rear-view camera, an anti-theft system — everything goes in the database.

Yes, and the K32 looks solid, but the power plant spoils everything: the electric motors on the front and rear axles produce only 21 kW (28.5 hp) each, and this at a time when full-size American pickups with an electric drive overcame the 1000 hp bar Apparently, there are still some restrictions for tractors in America, because even the mentioned Kandi cars are more powerful. The capacity of the traction battery is also not amazing: in the standard version — only 20 kWh, optionally — 50 kWh, power reserve — 60 and 150 miles, respectively (97-241 km). And does an electric car need more mileage, which cannot be used on the highway? Here, more important is reliability, which still raises questions, and the cost, which is 27.7-34.5 thousand dollars, depending on the modification.

The stubbornness of the Chinese can only be envied.