The electric scooter will become an option for the car, it will fit into the niche in the car door


Hyundai has patented a folding electric scooter in the US that fits into a niche in a car door. Perhaps, in the future, it will be offered for a surcharge as an option.

Obviously, we are talking about a design presented as a concept a couple of years ago: a scooter with tiny wheels and weighing less than 8 kg could travel up to 20 kilometers at a speed of no more than 20 km / h. It is supposed to recharge the 10.5 Ah battery directly in the car — however, for this it is better to put the scooter in the trunk, unless there is a corresponding connector in the door. Despite the very modest size and weight, an information display and a speaker were provided in the design, which should notify pedestrians about the approach of a person in a relatively high-speed vehicle.

This solution can be useful in metropolitan areas, where it is often difficult to find parking near your destination. Perhaps, such scooters will even allow to reduce the load on public transport, which is especially important against the background of the current sanitary strictness, but there are more than enough electric scooters on our streets. In addition, such an option will clearly not be cheap, and it may be much more profitable to purchase a similar means of individual mobility, but more affordable, even if it will not fit in the door.