The government approved the cancellation of the TO.


Finally, it was decided to cancel the obligatory annual inspection. On the official website of the Russian government, the corresponding news appeared on November 7. According to her, the government commission approved the State Duma’s proposal to abolish the mandatory annual technical inspection for individuals. For commercial vehicles in organizations (for example, a route taxi), everything will remain the same for now.

Also, the first vice speaker of the Federation Council Andrei Turchak said that the deputies propose to keep the current procedure only if the owner of the vehicle changes. And only if the car (or motorcycle) is older than 4 years. In other cases, the customary inspection procedure for everyone will become voluntary.

In the process of collecting opinions, the commission received a large number of similar requests and proposals from the population. The norm in force today dates back to 1994 and, according to Turchak, is morally outdated. And in many cases it is perceived by the population only as another extortion without any practical benefit.

Marat Khasnullin, deputy prime minister and head of the government commission, also believes that such a proposal is «long overdue.» According to him, the owner himself must first of all monitor the safety of the vehicle.

Well, the news is great. Indeed, in the last couple of years, the legislators themselves, it seems, could not really answer the question “what to do with the technical inspection”. We were either frightened by the passage of the procedure under the cameras, then they immediately sent something for revision, renewal, approval. Then they promised to simplify something, to extend something … Finally, there was clarity: THAT is out of date for a long time. We can only hope that the long-overdue decision will not have a «counterbalance» in the form of another invented levy, or an unplanned increase. For example, everyone’s favorite transport tax. Which, by the way, they also want to cancel for more than 10 years. Shall we wait?

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