The imposition of advancements on the «Ladakh» will be engaged in FAS


The federal antimonopoly service became interested in the largest Russian automaker. The theme of the list of additional equipment for LADA has become a widely discussed and illuminated in the media, from which from November 15 it is impossible to refuse. VAZ argues that it is made solely for customers, which from now on receive an extended complete set initially. But it seems that buyers are not separated by the buyers.

The recent order of AvtoVAZ obliges dealers to sell new cars with a pre-installed kit of specials. For different models, the list is different, but in any case, thanks to the next financial trigger, the cost of cars increased in sum from 8 to 30 thousand rubles. After the wave of the perturbation of buyers and hypers in the press FAS promised to understand and in case of identifying violations of the Competition Act «Take the response measures».

So, the flagship «Vesta» from now on «load» in three grades of five. The maximum set of advanced sets includes rugs, pallet in the trunk, the grid in the radiator grille, the protection of the crankcase, the pneumosuofors of the hood and the beam deflectors on the windows. All this is extremely useful splendor will cost the buyer to the maximum amount of 30 thousand. There, where such «improvements» are smaller, the markup is lower. But in any case, this is the policy of unscluded hand: In fact, VAZ decided to unilaterally increase the cost of the car without an explicit technological reason.

The question of imposing the buyer of additional equipment and services arose in Russia not yesterday. But in the last couple of years, including in connection with Coronavirus, the problem has acquired a truly large-scale nature. To date, to buy from Russian official dealers a car without a markal is actually impossible. The situation has developed as critical that it began to actively discuss not only «in the kitchens», but also in the media and the blogosphere. So, the well-known Autoboker Academeg (Konstantin Zarutsky) tried to hold a public experiment and buy Lada Vesta precisely at the recommended plant price — the benefit of the car was available in the cabin. The experiment was not expected to be expected: upon arrival in the salon «by chance» it turned out that the car was already loaded for excess 200 thousand (!) Rubles.

For the sake of justice, not only a VAZ with their dealers is being made to prepare. Regardless of the brand and model of the machine to buy it from the «naked» salon will not be released. If you try to order a complete set for ourselves — will arrive in a few months, and it’s still with a grown price tag.

Interestingly, how will the story with the intervention of the FAS end, but to be honest, having remembered the results of the work of this organization to regulate prices in other fields, the hopes for changing the situation is small.