The «Loafs» will now have standard air conditioners


If there was a desire, another automobile confirmation of the popular aphorism appeared in Chile: overseas, a regular air conditioner was installed on an old UAZ SGR minibus. The model there, by the way, is sold under the name La Bukhanka, born from the nickname we are used to.

The Chilean «Loaf» is equipped with an air conditioner developed by the Russian (!) Company «Elinge». The same unit is installed in «Hunters», available to Russians as well — a monoblock type air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 5 kW. The installation site is the roof over the front seats. In Russia, air conditioning for a «loaf» is still not available, although this comfortable option can be ordered for Patriot and Hunter SUVs.

Chilean buyers can also purchase an expeditionary version of La Bukhanka Patagonia. Like our Expedition, it is available in bright orange or green, with a winch in the front bumper and kangaroo, a towbar, a ladder on the tailgate and a roof rack.

Chilean dealers emphasize that UAZs are good thanks to the «old style in the technological world» and the true classic all-wheel drive. That did not stop them from making the car more comfortable for their customers.

South American Lada dealers are distinguished by similar attention to customers. So, in Bolivia, the classic «Niva» can

Photos are taken from open sources.

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