The most expensive Chinese crossover is going to Russia


The Changan brand has certified the Uni-K model introduced in China a year ago for our market. A large and advanced crossover could be the first car from the Middle Kingdom to be eligible for a «luxury tax».

So far, there is not only a price list, but also approval of the type of vehicle in the Rosstandart database, although the start of sales is promised in December. True, earlier the Russian office of Changan had already planned to bring a smaller crossover Uni-T to us, but then something went wrong, and

An outstanding novelty can be called not only in terms of size, but also in terms of exterior and interior design. The tall sill line, narrow LED optics and bezel-less grille, together with the retractable door handles, create a striking exterior supported by an oddly shaped steering wheel, a tall tunnel and a digital cockpit with three displays.

They are located in an unusual way: the central widescreen touchpad, which is responsible for controlling most of the functions (there are practically no physical buttons and knobs), is closer to the driver than the virtual instrument panel and the additional screen to the right of it.

Under the hood, as was previously known, is a two-liter turbo engine with a capacity of 227 liters. with., working in tandem with the eight-speed «automatic» Aisin, and the drive in the Russian specification, most likely, will only be complete. The coupe-like crossover has almost the same technical stuffing.