The most unusual cars from Soviet films


A selection of the most amazing and popularly loved cars from Soviet cinema.

Unusual cars are often featured in films. Sometimes exotic, extravagant and completely incredible cars, on which the protagonists move, gain worldwide popularity and fame. This happened to the DeLorean from Back to the Future and to the old Cadillac, which actually became the fifth member of the ghostbusters team.

Amazing cars have not only appeared in Hollywood films. Soviet cinema also had its own four-wheeled stars. Let’s remember the very best.

In the first film adaptation of Ilf and Petrov’s novel «The Golden Calf», a very unusual car was filmed. According to the book, it was something like a homemade product, although its owner Adam Kozlevich claimed that he owned a real Lorraine-Dietrich.

Experts are still arguing about what kind of car appears in the imperishable novel about Ostap Bender and his motley company. Some say that Panhard & Levassor of 1902 fits the description. Others find Fiat no younger than 1908 … But the fact remains: in the Soviet film, one of the main roles is played by the homemade car of the domestic designer Lev Shugurov.

This is perhaps the most famous car in Soviet cinema. He starred in the cult film «Prisoner of the Caucasus», which to this day does not leave TV screens.

Before us is a German-made Adler Trumpf. There were a lot of such cars in the vastness of the Soviet Union: in the post-war years they were imported from Germany. However, many of these «Germans» eventually «became Russified», like the cinematic Adler — just pay attention to its wheels received from «Moskvich».

A car from another Soviet movie «Slave of Love» may also seem like a homemade product or a replica. But no — this is a real, albeit restored, Renault of the second half of the 1920s.

Interestingly, the film was released in 1975. And the events in it take place during the Civil War, which ended in 1922. Whereas Renault NN was mass-produced from 1924 to 1930.

This car became the most unusual and majestic in a series of cars of the 1930s era, presented to the audience of the Soviet TV series «Shield and Sword». It was filmed based on the novel by Vadim Kozhevnikov by the wonderful director Vladimir Basov and became a cult for many boys, whose childhood fell on the 1970s.

Horch 853 was the undisputed star of the series, and many young viewers and adults simply fell in love with him. Later, the car also appeared in other Soviet films. And it belonged to the Soviet collector Alexander Alekseevich Lomakov.

Another unusual car gained national fame thanks to the imperishable comedy film by Leonid Gaidai «Operation Y». Three main characters — Coward, Goonies and Experienced — rode in an open motorized carriage, which was later named «Morgunovka».

The car, strange at first glance, was produced at the Serpukhov motorcycle plant until the 1970s. It was equipped with a motor from an Izh-49 motorcycle with a capacity of 8 horsepower and, in fact, was intended for disabled people. That is why the trinity headed by Morgunov looked ridiculous, rolling in an open typewriter both in summer and in winter. And when she was unable to turn under the weight of the passengers, she was turned around with her own hands.

In the popular comedy by Eldar Ryazanov «Old Men-Robbers», an elegant home-made car of the Shcherbinin brothers appeared for the first time on the screen. This happened in the first half of the 1970s, and then the car was immediately noticed.

The GTShch coupe has become one of the most famous homemade automobiles in the Soviet Union. In 1975, the car again played in the movies — but this time in the much less popular series «Olga Sergeevna».

One of the roles in the 1983 film «Speed» is played by a real record holder — HADI-9. True, in the film it is called IGLA-02SR.

The car looks unusual and looks more like a spacecraft. Inside, everything is also not quite the same as in ordinary cars. The fact is that the HADI-9 was designed to break the speed record. It was created in Kharkov in 1978 and equipped with a jet engine from a MIG-19 aircraft. He was supposed to reach speeds of up to 1200 km / h. But something went wrong, and the car was destined to play the role of a movie star. And on the set of the film HADI-9 gained speed of 400 km / h, eyewitnesses say.

Another self-made car appears in the movie «Vacation». It was allegedly built by the main character of the picture — an automobile engineer.

Interestingly, the real Chevrolet Corvette of the first generation played the role of a homemade product. The car for filming was kindly provided by the famous stuntman Alexander Mikulin. Later, a motor from the «Chaika» was installed on it. In general, the car has an interesting fate — it is still alive and in operation.

And here is our answer to Hollywood — the unique Soviet sports station wagon «Pangolina», created in 1980 by the remarkable engineer Alexander Kulygin from Ukhta. This car was not only stylish and effective — it also impressed with bold technical solutions. For example, instead of conventional doors, it had a fiberglass hood on pneumatic cylinders, and a periscope played the role of rear-view mirrors.

The futuristic sports car was simply born for cinema and all-Union glory. And in 1984 he appeared in the film «Seven Elements», where he played the car of the main character — journalist Gleb, performed by Igor Starygin.

The car-«amphibian» «Ichthyander» from the movie «The journey will be pleasant», filmed at the Sverdlovsk film studio in 1982, was also unusual. This car not only moved on a hard surface, but also overcame water obstacles.

The car turned out to be interesting in all respects. He did not have the usual doors for the sake of the tightness of the case, made of duralumin. In the lower part, the car looked more like a boat, and from the inside it was pasted over with foam — to ensure buoyancy. The «Amphibia» was powered by an engine from a VAZ-2103, and was controlled by a gearbox from a «Zaporozhets».

It is impossible not to recall the unusual bus ZIS, on which the heroes of the film «The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed» by Stanislav Govorukhin moved.

A green bus named Ferdinand was driven by the laconic driver Kopytin. For the current generation, the car looks more than amazing. However, for the time that is reproduced in the film, the ZIS-8 was an ordinary phenomenon. It is interesting that the same bus from the cinema has survived and still works at Mosfilm. Although he certainly played his main role for a long time.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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