The new alloy will protect the car from the fire with an accident — new Suzuki


Protection of electric vehicles from lateral impact can increase significantly. Specialists of the Suzuki Motor automotive unit and the major Japanese metallurgical company JFE Steel have developed a newest superproof alloy. It will replace aluminum as a longer and easy.

To date, the classic battery protection consists of a hard aluminum box: it protects the cells and at the same time serves as «Case», which is removed from the car entirely — for example, to replace or the necessary battery maintenance. But it is unlikely that someone is a secret that modern batteries with high current-drawn on a lithium-based basis (read — all) are very unait. And this feature is not manifested not spontaneously — from short circuit. Modern battles are protected very reliably, and due to damage to the cells due to mechanical exposure when the inner closure of the plates occurs. Simply put, this is a road accident scenario.

Surely, many remember the famous incident at the TV show Top Gear in 2017. When Showman Richard Hammond (Richard Hammond) did not cope with the electrosopercar control of Rimac Concep Tone, flew out the redistribution of the road and almost burned down. The reason was exactly the closure in the battery due to the mechanical damage to the case.

Suzuki and JFE Steel have developed a special superproof steel alloy, which should minimize the risk of such consequences with lateral impact. Conducted computer and field tests confirmed the effectiveness of the material. It turned out to be not only stronger, but also easier to date for today aluminum composites.

Of course, not only the battery case protects from the side impact. The structure of the body of any car is designed taking into account all sorts of mechanical impacts at an accident, including on the side. To minimize the effects of impact, the thresholds are performed multilayer, from ultrahigh-stage steels. The «pillars» of the central racks and in general, the doorways also serve as the basis for the so-called «safety cell» of the salon, which until the latter should maintain the maximum possible life volume for the rides. Shockproof bars in the doors hinder their jams inward, at the same time distributing the load of the strike on the side racks. Even the base of the chairs is designed as much as possible «to keep the blow» — in contrast to the front-end collision or the distance from behind, the car is actually no separable space. So, the only way to preserve life and health is inside — initially making the impact zone as hard as possible.

Probably, the development is aimed at future electromotivers Suzuki, because at the moment there are no manufacturer in the lineup. The nearest serial car on the batteries is declared by the Japanese by 2025. Almost with confidence you can say that the serial debut technology will take place precisely then.

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