The new Kia crossover will come to Russia in 2022 with branded chargers


We have not yet had a mass segment electric car from a popular brand, and Kia can quickly become a bestseller against the background of premium or, on the contrary, little-known budget cars.

Kia has confirmed its summer

Initially, the Kia EV6 will go to showrooms in two capitals — Moscow and St. Petersburg. Gradually, the electric car can be bought in other cities of the Russian Federation.

In parallel, the Russian representative office will work on the development of infrastructure, which is still not convenient enough for electric car users. Kia’s own charging stations (just like Tesla’s) will be set up in key cities in collaboration with dealers.

The third part of Plan S’s plan for a gradual transition from internal combustion engines to electric cars in Russia is the ability to include the EV6 in the Kia Flex subscription service. In the future, the company also intends to expand the range of electric vehicles in Russia.

The EV6 is Kia’s first E-GMP vehicle for battery powered vehicles. It has no analogue with an internal combustion engine. As the developers emphasize, thanks to this, the machine can offer a large interior space — after all, the floor is completely flat — and excellent driving characteristics. The wheelbase is 2900 mm, which is already a parameter for mid-size crossovers. The trunk volume is 520 liters.

The panoramic curved screen in the cabin integrates the digital instrument panel and center monitor, both measuring 12 inches. The equipment also includes a head-up display with augmented reality. The seats are finished with recycled fiber material, and the door cards optionally use eco-leather.

In the standard version, the car is rear-wheel drive, the engine develops a power of 170 hp. In the all-wheel drive modification, a second electric motor appears, and the total power of the power plant is already 228 hp. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 6.2 or 5.2 seconds, respectively, that is, the dynamics of the new Kia can compete with sports crossovers. The power reserve looks impressive too: up to 500-528 km on a single charge.

The car is ready for the Russian winters, according to the Russian office. The «heat pump» system converts heat energy from running units.

The Kia EV6 has several charging modes. Thanks to the inverter, the crossover meets two ultra-fast charging standards — with a voltage of 400V and 800V, this is without additional equipment or adapters. With a 350 kW charging station, you can recharge the battery up to 80% in 18 minutes.

Also, from the crossover, you can charge household appliances and even other electric vehicles, albeit in a slow mode.

The Kia EV6 will be the first offering in its segment. So far, either premium or even luxury electric vehicles like Audi, Jaguar and Porsche are presented on the Russian market, with the corresponding exorbitant prices. Or, on the contrary, electric cars from budget brands with insufficient reputation, like JAC iEV7S, which is three times more expensive than a gasoline equivalent. Or it is a used — more often right-hand drive — Nissan Leaf. There has not yet been a mass-market electric car from the popular brand, and Kia could quickly become a bestseller and pull the electrification of the car fleet with it.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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