The new subcomax of Nissan was even less than expected


The pre-production electric Key car Nissan IMK under the camouflage was noticed by photos of the US roads. It turned out to be less announced in 2019.

The subcompact electric car IMK is the result of the joint efforts of Nissan and Mitsubishi. As follows from the published frames, the car turned out to be even a little less of the original concept car. Probably, this is due to the desire to get into the class of Kay-Karov for the Japanese market, where the less — the better.

In addition, Nissan told some details officially. For example, car dimensions are already known: 3395 mm in length, 1475 mm wide and 1655 mm in height. The sinks are extremely short that in a similar segment is determined by the struggle for each millimeter of the wheelbase. In general, the proportions of Nissan IMK — a typical yurk city «stool», which are famous for the Japanese, especially in the domestic market.

Known and battery performance — 20 kWh. A specific reserve of the stroke developer has not yet reported, limiting only the foggy wording: the battery will be enough to «satisfy the daily needs of Japan.»

The mini-electric power system supports «bilateral charging». In the event of a lack of electricity in the household network, the battery will be able to give its capacity to it. In the light of the inactive criticism of electric vehicles as potential sources of energy systems, such a functionality becomes for the manufacturers of private electric vehicles by the rule of good tone.

No less common phrases spoke Nissan and about handling with dynamics. The first promises to be «smooth», and the acceleration «instant». Of course, in a spur from scratch kilometers up to 30-60, you do not care with anyone, but still for such a kid phrase about instant acceleration (Instant Acceleration) looks funny.

The start of sales of Nissan IMK in Japan is scheduled for 2022. It is not yet known about the implementation plans in other countries, but it can be expected that after a couple of years, Kay-car will appear on the secondary of the Far East. Unless, of course, the potential protectionist policy of the Russian authorities will not prevent the import of electric vehicles in the future. The officially Nissan remained in Russia only in the crossovers segment.

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