This car was turned into a nightclub.


“Ibiza has never been so compact,” the famous DJ commented on the emergence of the car-club.

How the world has changed in the last two years! If earlier the small hatchback Seat was named after the fashionable resort of Ibiza with nightclubs, now Ibiza itself is becoming a nightclub. Lockdowns and QR codes have not yet touched the space inside the car, they decided at Seat, and presented a prototype of a compact nightclub in a single car.

However, this is not a mass product, but a one-of-a-kind prototype that can serve as inspiration for trendy motorists and tuning studios. The specialists did their best and foresaw many interesting solutions inside the club car. For example, the salon has DJ decks, stroboscopic lighting and a cocktail bar with soft drinks.

The «remote» is powered by one of the built-in USB-C ports, and it connects to the car’s infotainment system with a 9.2-inch monitor via a smartphone. Sound is played through a Beats Audio system with seven 300-watt speakers.

Stroboscopes and LED lighting are designed to create a party atmosphere in the car, complementing the standard lighting around the air conditioning vents. The cocktail bar is installed in the trunk of the car (355 liters). Well, you can dance around the car with trusted friends and in the fresh air.

The premiere of the in-car nightclub concept took place in the UK on the beach in Brighton with the participation of renowned DJ Woody Cook. He commented on the creation of a unique machine: “The ability to DJ anywhere and at any time is endless possibilities! The machine gives a sense of freedom in itself, and having such amazing equipment brings the musical experience to the same level of freedom and expression. Ibiza has never been so compact. «

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