Toyota has equipped a new hybrid crossover for one and a half million rubles


The power plant Toyota e-Smart combines simplicity, economy and low cost.

Toyota has developed the new e-Smart Hybrid system. We are talking about a simplified gasoline-electric installation that works according to the sequential hybrid scheme, that is, the internal combustion engine has no mechanical connection with the wheels, but only works as a generator. The advantages of such a solution are the ability to install a small-displacement atmospheric engine and a small traction battery, no need for charging from the mains and a relatively low fuel consumption.

The debut of the e-Smart power plant took place on the budget four-meter Toyota Raize crossover and its twin

By analogy with the Nissan e-Power system, the ability to drive «one pedal» is implemented, in which the kinetic energy recovery system works most actively.

The electrified Toyota Raize / Daihatsu Rocky may not be all-wheel drive, but they have other trump cards. For example, the curb weight does not exceed 1060 kilograms (+ 80 kilograms relative to the basic front-wheel drive version), and fuel consumption in the combined cycle is only 3.6 liters per 100 kilometers in the WLTC cycle (a record figure in the class), so a full tank is a crossover can travel over 900 kilometers!

Simultaneously with the debut of the hybrid, Toyota has simplified the basic versions of the Raize / Rocky SUVs. Two years ago, even buyers of the simplest modifications received a 1.0 turbo engine (98 forces, 140 Nm), but now the high-torque «turbo engine» will remain the prerogative of all-wheel drive top versions with a rear axle clutch. And in the starting price since November, a naturally aspirated 1.2 engine has been included — this is the same unit as in the hybrid power plant, but with its own calibrations, so the output is 87 horsepower and 113 Nm. The front-wheel drive version consumes 4.8 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers according to the Japanese WLTC method. As before, non-hybrid crossovers are available only with a V-belt variator.

Since we are talking about the most compact and affordable models of the Toyota concern, the chassis is simple. Front — suspension type McPherson, rear — semi-dependent beam, drum brakes on the rear axle. However, 16-inch alloy wheels and 185mm ground clearance are available «in the base», as are the power windows. The top versions have a multimedia system with a 9-inch touchscreen, a 7-inch digital dashboard, adaptive cruise control, two climate zones, pedestrian and road sign recognition systems.

After changing the powertrains, Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky changed places: now the SUV under the parent brand is a little more expensive, although