Warn the driver and save the pedestrian: smart pedestrian crossing in Russia


The first intelligent pedestrian crossing iCrosswalk, which was successfully tested in Moscow, can identify a person by the camera, automatically turn on the backlight and keep track of traffic. The Department of Transport in its telegram channel has published an entry with a diagram of the work of the novelty and a report on the tests carried out.

From now on, traffic cameras are designed not only to track down and punish for everything they can, but also to save lives. In the capital, on Bolotnikovskaya Street, the results of a pilot experiment with the commissioning of a “smart zebra” were summed up. The newest complex looks like a traditional striped road marking, masts with a corresponding road sign and LED panels to illuminate the crossing zone. It would seem nothing new. But the protagonist of iCrosswalk is an intelligent digital camera. As soon as a person approaches the road, she gives the command to turn on the lights, T-7 traffic lights and a warning board “Let the pedestrian pass”.

Part of the LED lighting always works — for example, it indicates a road sign «pedestrian crossing». Also, in the dark, the driver sees the light projection of the markings. In a word, with such illumination it is almost impossible not to notice a person crossing the street.

In addition to directly identifying humans and animals on the «zebra», the camera is entrusted with the function of collecting statistics on the flow of people in this area. Subsequently, this information will help the Moscow data center in organizing traffic in the most problematic areas of the city.

According to the Deptrans, according to the test results, iCrosswalk confirmed the effectiveness of the idea. The probability of an accident at a new crossing is reduced by as much as 82%, the average traffic speed is increased by 27%, and the pedestrian waiting time is reduced by 30%. Unfortunately, it is not specified by what research methodology such magic figures were obtained. But that innovation will soon begin to spread throughout the capital and, possibly, other regions, we can say for sure.

Technology is expensive, but it saves our lives and property, but this does not mean that there is no way to save.