WELTMEISTER M7 — Electronic Eye from China


Chinese company with the name translated from German as «World Champion» presented a new flagship, a large electric sedan. It received the fourth level autopilot with a record number of sensors.

The «seven» prototype, Weltmeister Maven concept car, was represented almost a year and a half ago, and then only two technical parameters were voiced — a stroke of 800 kilometers and the coefficient of aerodynamic resistance 0.23. To date, the details are only a little more: autonomy corrected up to 700 kilometers, neither the tank of the traction battery or return or even the number of electric motors are still unknown. But the manufacturer unveiled the geometric parameters of the novelty: the overall length of 4930 mm and the wheel base is 2918 mm slightly more modest than

But the aerodynamics of M7 hardly remained on the same good level as the concept. The design of the body is recognizable thanks to the characteristic optics, but the proportions have changed significantly, there were ordinary rear-view mirrors instead of the chambers, and the door handles remained retractable, are otherwise located, as we assumed. But the main thing — the developers have expanded numerous sensors, which clearly did not benefit neither streamlining or aesthetics.

On the other hand, there really is how to boast: As many as three lidar, seven high-resolution chambers, four «eyes» are simpler, five radars and a bunch of ultrasonic sensors. All these devices have a total number 32 needed for the operation of a full autopilot that requires the driver’s intervention only in emergency cases. The electronic brain is based on the NVIDIA chip with a capacity of 254 trillion operations per second.

Extremely advanced interior with a single cluster of the digital instrument panel and multimedia display looks. Original features are large tablets for the rear passengers, the matrix display before the «navigator», invisible in the off state, and the I-Rota controller, which changes the functionality depending on the situation. We learn the rest of the details in a month, after the official debut of Weltmeister M7 on the Motor Show in Guangzhou, and the start of the serial issue is scheduled for the next year, and in the basic version, the electric vehicle will certainly not be a stubble so much sensors.