What interesting in the new Mercedes-Benz SL


SL family icon for Mercedes-Benz brand — for non-small

The development of the new SL from and to engaged in the court atelier AMG, and in Affalterbach did not shake on innovation. The AMG chassis is designed from scratch — front (for the first time on AMG models) appeared a five-dimensional suspension, a full-controlled chassis was included in the base equipment, and an AMG Active Ride Control adaptive hydraulic ride is laid as an option. However, the mechanical spring suspension with traditional transverse stability stabilizers is also there, and even on such AMG SLs, lightweight aluminum shock absorbers are used.

In the supercar canons, the Body of Novelty is made: by analogy with racing 300 SL of the beginning of the 1950s, AMG SL

For the first time in twenty years, the SL family returned to a soft rush — the tissue roof does not have an alternative and is put on all cabriolets. Mercedes-AMG explains the refusal of the rigid roof the need to reduce the center of gravity and save weight (they say, only due to the soft vertex, it was possible to reduce the curb weight of 21 kilograms). However, paying for the 4.7-meter body and the elastic roof was the coefficient of aerodynamic resistance: AMG SL is 0.31 — worse than that

However, engineers were important to ensure the stability of a sports car at high speed and find a compromise between streamlining and clamping force. For this, AMG SL uses active aerodynamic elements — blinds in the front air intakes are opened either as the speed set (when overclocked over 180 km / h), or as the engine cooling and brakes need to cool. In addition, with a set of 80 km / h, the front splitter is put forward (creating a chop-effect under the bottom) and the rear anti-cycle (the slope changes in five planes, forming an angle from -11 to +22 degrees).

Despite all the triggers of the designers, the original name (SL — Super Leicht or super heavy) novelty did not justify. The equipment of the basic version increased by 230 kilograms to 1950 kilograms! Without a small two-ton convertible «Superlek» is difficult to call, but explaining the increased weight easily.

First, in Mercedes-AMG, they abandoned the rear drive in favor of the 4Matic + transmission with the coupling of the front axle. Secondly, in Mercedes, they sought to make SL practical and luxurious — from here and changing the type of body from the rhodster on the convertible, and the «hypera-based» interior in the spirit of a new S-class. Without compromises, it was not necessary: even the press service recognizes that the sedaws will be placed in the second row (read no higher than 150 centimeters (read, only children), and the volume of the trunk has decreased by half of the up to 240 liters.

There are questions and to a combination of «digital world and analog forms» in the cabin — for some reason, the designers considered the analog forms of ventilation deflectors in the form of turbines, although almost the usual «physical» keys remained. So that fashionable screens are not blinded with an open roof in clear weather, «Mercedes» had to work hard — as a result, the 11,9 inch touchscreen multimediasystems

However, the charm of the new SL does not occupy — almost all the options inherent in the flagship S-class are proposed in the role of the convertible! Top versions are made by matrix LED lights with light prompts, projection display, multi-functional chairs with ventilation, massage and a warm-air air supply function to the necks, the Burmester audio system, the contour backlight with 64 colors and much more.

Dynamics will not disappoint. While debuted only versions with 4.0-liter V8 M 177 — AMG SL 55 (476 forces, 700 nm) and AMG SL 63 (585 forces, 800 nm), which differ only in engine calibration and body nuances. The first is gaining 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds and is able to exchange 295 km / h, the same parameters for the top version are 3.6 seconds and 315 km / h. All converts are the proven 9-speed «automatic» AMG Speedshift; Rear differential electronically controlled — option for AMG SL 55 and regular equipment for AMG SL 63.

In the future, electrified versions will appear in the AMG SL line