What will the new Range Rover look like — the first images


The British automaker chose for the premiere of the new generation of Rover on October 26, and while intriguing fans picture in profile. And at the same time the official comment that it will be the most perfect Range Rover in the history.

Although the image is lubricated, imagine what car will be, easy. A successful silhouette that loved in the current generation, the company decided to save. However, some new strokes give the models of freshness and relevance. This, first of all, emphasized minimalism, on which the highlighted windows line and retractable door handles play (owners in Russia probably immediately thought if they would not be buggy in winter after alternating frost and reagents).

The second image is the edge of the hood with large letters of the model name.

Something suggests that the Range Rover V palette will be replenished with new noble shades.

In general, the change of generations of this iconic model is a truly an epoching event. For more than 50 years of existence, there were only four generations: they were replaced in 1994, in 2001 and in 2012.

The main thing that characterizes the arrival of the new generation is the competitive environment has changed in recent years. Now in the segment is played by Bentley Bentayga, Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Maybach GLS. Let’s see which trumps prevented the brand for their buyers. Fresh Defender managed to charm both car enthusiasts and journalists, so rates are high.

By unconfirmed while information, the new Range Rover is built on the new modular Longitudal Architecture platform (MLA) from Jaguar, which supports both ICA and plug-in hybrid and electrical modifications. The cabin is expected to appear the newest interface of the Pivi Pro, which debuted in Defender.

Photos taken from open sources.

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