Where is the most expensive and cheapest gasoline?


A colleague at work swears: «We are in the top 3 countries in oil production, and gasoline is getting more and more expensive!» Do you also think that the price of gasoline depends on the amount of oil produced by the country? Far from it. We made a special sign for you — how much gasoline you can buy for an average salary in different countries of the world. And at the end we will tell you what determines the price of gasoline.

Please note: in our article we provide data specifically on the number of liters of gasoline that the average citizen of the country can afford

So it turns out that in Russia, which is the second largest oil producer in the world, an ordinary citizen can buy just

But in Germany and Switzerland, where there is practically no oil and the price of gasoline is very biting, citizens can afford

Please note: America is the only country on the list where a lot of oil is also produced — 712 thousand tons of barrels per year, and the price of gasoline is low — you can buy an average monthly salary

The average salary in Russia is like the average temperature in a hospital. In the center and in the north of the country, wages are several times higher than in the southern regions. Therefore, for example, in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ugra, Kamchatka or Yakutia, you can buy for an average monthly salary

As you have noticed, the cost of a liter of gasoline does not depend at all on whether the country produces oil and in what quantities. For the most part, the value is formed by the taxation system. For example, in Russia, the stabilization of fuel prices is regulated by taxes and subsidies.

That is why we see the following picture: against the background of a constant decline in quotations for a barrel of oil, the average price of gasoline in our country has doubled over the past couple of years.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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