ZAZ denied information about the imminent appearance of the crossover «Odessa» based on FAW T77


But hope always remains, because how many times enterprises in the territory of the former USSR denied rumors, and after a year and a half only confirmed them with their actions.

A couple of days ago, rumors appeared on the Web that the Zaporozhye Automobile Plant was discussing with the Chinese brand FAW the imminent launch of the SKD assembly of the Bestune T77 crossover at its facilities. It seems like the car was supposed to be produced under the name «Odessa». It sounded tempting, but the information was not confirmed. At least for now.

As the portal «Chinese Cars» writes, the news about the imminent release of a completely new ZAZ model in the format of the converted FAW appeared on some Ukrainian profile sites. For example, the AutoTodayUA resource wrote that unconfirmed rumors were the source of information. Others altogether referred to some anonymous insiders inside the UkrAVTO corporation, which includes the Zaporozhye Automobile Plant. In this form, the news spread throughout the Russian-language segment of the Internet in a couple of days and became a small sensation.

No joke — the legendary plant stopped producing original models in 2011, when the ZAZ-1103 Slavuta was removed from the assembly line. And from the beginning of the century until 2008, the company collected several localized foreign cars under its own brand, including ZAZ Chance (Daewoo Lanos) and ZAZ Vida (Chevrolet Aveo). And according to the new, albeit unconfirmed by anyone news, the «Zaporozhtsev» and «Tavriy» had to have a full-fledged successor — «Odessa». Yes, by hanging your nameplate on a Chinese crossover, and by no means the most budgetary one, it would still give the impression that the brand has not sunk into oblivion.

According to these rumors, «Odessa» would be the most popular modification of the Bestune T77 with minimal changes to reduce the cost of construction. That is, even despite some high cost by Ukrainian standards (the expected cost was about 560 thousand hryvnia, which is about one and a half million rubles), the full equivalent of the VW Tiguan was obtained. The design is quite fresh, under the hood is a 1.5-liter 160 horsepower turbo engine, and the body is a full-size crossover. And the cabin is full of options.

But representatives of UkrAVTO denied all these rumors. According to them, the corporation does not conduct any negotiations with FAW and is not going to release «Odessa». How to respond to such a situation is an open question. On the one hand, it is quite possible that the news turned out to be a real duck (or fake, as it is now fashionable to say). But often there is no smoke without fire — just remember how many times enterprises in the territory of the former USSR refuted rumors, but after a year and a half only confirmed them with their actions. A story is not excluded in which the negotiations between the Ukrainian plant and the Chinese brand were secret and broke down, so now no one wants to talk about them. In any case, only time will judge.

And in itself — a good budget crossover, which just recently

The Bestune T77 is produced by the Besturn sub-brand of the state corporation First Automotive Works (FAW), the oldest Chinese car manufacturer. The crossover hit the market in 2018 and hasn’t changed much since then. Although he should not be reproached for this, the design still looks relevant, and if the Russian representative office does not break the price (in China it is sold for 1-1.3 million rubles), then sales should be good.

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